Welcome to Livin On The Fly!

I love fly fishing, the variety of fish I can target, the people I meet and the beautiful waters it leads me to. 


My passion is sharing this exciting sport with others through education/instruction, speaking engagements and guiding.  The creation of my own fly fishing education/instruction and guide business has long been a dream of mine.  Until recently, I've been adverse to the risks of leaving a steady paycheck and immersing myself into the "feast or famine" mentality of owning a business.  Recent life events and several new friendships have reinforced the importance of following life passions.
The business name, "Livin On the Fly", is the result of this exciting and spontaneous decision to leave my comfort zone and follow my passion..   Livin On The Fly is an opportunity to share what I have learned over the last 30+ years in this sport and the multitude of life experiences fly fishing has in store for you!

From guided trips, to specialized lessons, our goal is to provide you with a quality fly fishing experience tailored to your interests. The information/teachings we will share with you comes from a culmination of years on the water and extensive travel.

The more we fish, the more we realize there is always something new to learn. This mindset has kept us hungry for knowledge and is the reason we seek to continue to travel and learn from industry leaders each year. Every new experience for us means a new fly fishing lesson for both our company and ourclients. We are excited to work in cooperation with the TCO FLY SHOP to provide you with this experience.

Our guide/educational staff is made up of like-minded individuals always seeking to improve their skills to create a better learning environment for our customers. I’m excited to work with Andy Wagner, George Costa, Amidea Daniel, and several others on this new venture.

Guided Waters:  Our base of operations is located in central Pennsylvania limestone country, which includes Spring Creek, Penns Creek, Little Juniata River, and Big Fishing Creek to name a few. Also, Andy Wagner will be offering smallmouth trips on the Juniata River while George will be offering a select number of trout trips to northcentral PA. 

Note: Amidea Daniel will only be running three beginner schools at the State College location. Due to her work and family commitments, she will not have time to conduct additional lessons/classes.