October Caddis Soft Hackle

October Caddis Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear

October Caddis Soft Hackle.jpg


October Caddis are in full swing and nymphing has been good with the above average flows back home.  I wanted to share a simple yet effective nymph pattern that’s accounted for several good fish within the last week while targeting waters harboring October Caddis. Note: This is not an original pattern. This pattern is my variation of the original Hare’s Ear Soft Hackle-created to mimic the October Caddis. Good Fishing


Hook: Hanak 450BL #12

Bead: Black 3.5mm Slotted

Thread: Doesn’t Matter

Tail: Wood Duck Fibers

Body: Hare’s Ear

Rib: Small Hot Orange Ultra Wire

Hackle: Orange Partridge

Collar: Peacock Eye Siman Dubbing